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Snowflake Copperfield

Hey Bombshells,

I opened this thread for pics of bloggers who posted my Items to share their creativity with you all, since I'm not really talented to put my fashion in the best light :P
You will find all items displayed below inworld at the Bombshell Outfitters Mainstore
or at the Marketplace.


Outfits shown: Fish & Pink Outfit
Pic by Donna Arun, found here

Outfits shown: black Knit Sweaty & comfy Jeans
Pic by Morgana Hilra, found here

Outfit shown: Naughty Minidress (black)
Pic by diana Blumenfeld, posted here

Outfit shown: Cross Body (Leo)
Pic by SiselyBella Riggles, find more here

Outfits shown: Sheer Tops with Mini (Diamond & purple/pink)
Pic by Mia Serenity, found here

Outfits shown: Cross Bodies (Retro & Romance)
Pic by Jordan Whitt, find more here

Outfit shown: Overall (Alert!)
Pic by Noir Gothly, found here

Outfits shown: Seksi Minidresses (black, red & pink)
Pic by Susy Barthelmess, find more here
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