Fish & Pink Outfit

Snowflake Copperfield Friday, March 25, 2011
This fresh Outfit contains an Underwear Set, a Fishnet Top as well as a Halter Top in all Layers, the One-Leg- Capris come with a sculpted Prim-Cuff. The Set also includes three kinds of Socks.
Alot to combine, cute Flowerdesign crossed with a sexy Fishnet.
A perfect Outfit to welcome the new Season!

Available at the Bombshell Outfitters Store for 129L !

Get it now!

String Tops & Pants

Snowflake Copperfield Tuesday, March 1, 2011
These smexeh Outfits include Drop Side Pants in both Layers as well as String Top with a neat Design. The Tops come in two Versions, wearable with or without Prim Strings.
Each Color (black, pink, blue, red and green) available for 99L$, Fatpack 399L$

Show off your Booties, Ladies...the World is waiting for you *lawl*
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